FEPS is the abbreviation for the Foundation for European Studies and is based in Wroclaw, Poland. FEPS was founded in order to enhance and facilitate high quality interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, to promote new methodological approaches and to link academics, ambitious students and practitioners. This way, FEPS also contributes to the adult education development - by promoting best practices and connecting ambitious learners and researchers. The primary objective of FEPS is to promote and support the active civic participation of young people and adults. We have an experience in organizing international educational activities such as workshops, training courses and conferences. In those projects the European context always plays a major role, because of the priorities of the foundation. The projects organized by FEPS (training, conferences, oral history researches, media and political science survey), were addressed not only to European citizens, but also adult learners from other European countries (Belarus), the United States of America, or Africa.
Although our organization is relatively young (establ. 2008), we are a team of experienced educators and project managers, in the field of political and European science, history, cultural studies and media. We are academics, Phd. candidates at the University of Wroclaw, young activists and culture animators. We are members of Polish Oral History Association (POHA) and Anna Lindh Foundation.

The Katholische Erwachsenenbildung im Lande Niedersachsen e.V. (=KEB) is an organization based on the Adult Education Law of the Federal State Lower Saxony. As an association resting on quality, we are DIN ISO 9001-2015-certified. We run 10 main agencies and a number of smaller offices in all parts of Lower Saxony. Furthermore, we are the umbrella organization for 55 member organizations.
Our direct staff consists of 38 employees. A lot more are employed at our agencies. Furthermore, a huge number of volunteers supports us. In 2018, we held 196.000 hours of adult education conformable to the Adult Education law. In 7.900 actions we worked with more than 115.000 participants.

We feel obliged to an overall understanding of adult education. Therefore, we offer civic education, courses in economics and ecology, classes on value-based topics as well as qualification classes for volunteers. By our offers, we support social integration, parenting skills, alphabetization, access to working life and vocational orientation.
 The KEB is committed to the Roman Catholic Church and its values. We understand these values as service for an integrated and reconciled society.

Association Pro Educatione is a network for adult education and continuing education. It is the umbrella organization in the Roman Catholic diocese Alba Iulia, Romania. It was founded by the diocese as well as by Caritas Alba Iulia and Association Kalot. Our organization consists of three managers, four employees in the operative business, 15 member organizations and more than 40 further partner organizations including international ones.
It is our mission to impart empirical and theoretical knowledge on the basis of Christian values and furthermore, to support our member organizations spiritually, intellectually and financially to help them to achieve their goals. It is our vision to enlarge our network and to lobby for Catholic Adult Education. Pro Educatione is member of the European Federation for Catholic Adult Education (FEECA).
The network of Association Pro Educatione consist of 15 members, each of them working in adult education. Every member contributes to the development of the network. Together, we plan and conduct projects with support of the whole network. Thus, we develop the competences of the members and strenghten the cooperation in our network.